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Aqua Pilates classes and individual sessions

Water is one of the most amazing and mysterious elements in all of nature. Exercise is what your body needs to function at it’s optimal potential. We combine these two and get Aqua Pilates or Water Pilates. Aqua Pilates is a form of exercise that is fun, challenging and safe. It is about controlled movements that come from the body's power house which are the core muscles and pelvic floor. It can be considered as traditional Pilates adapted into the zero-gravity feel of an aquatic environment. We use pool noodles, water weights and the pool wall as well as pool floor for assistance.

Principles and benefits of exercise in water may include:

  • A challenge to core strength due to the resistance of water to movement.
  • Increase of joint stability due to the physical support of a mass of water.
  • Enhancing of general balance due to movement of water which creates a constant challenge to the body to keep itself upright and controlled.
  • Release of stress and tension due to the heat of water and the fact that you felt held by the water.
  • Increase of joint mobility and muscle length due to the effect of buoyancy which gently moves the joints further while being supported by water.
  • Renewal of energy levels due to the increase of blood circulation

Due to the fact that it is low-impact exercise, Aqua Pilates can benefit just about anyone. It is beneficial for people who suffer from osteoporosis, arthritis, weight issues, orthopaedic conditions, back problems and many more. Aqua Pilates is also effective for clients who want to focus on improving their posture, flexibility, core and general strength. Aqua Pilates is available as individual lessons or group classes; this allows you to choose an environment which you are most comfortable with. Group classes are kept small to ensure effectiveness of a class and safety of the execution of exercises.

To join, contact us to book an appointment with the physiotherapist. This will be a one on one session where the therapist will discuss core strength and your understanding of it. You will be taught the specific techniques and terminology which is used in the Aqua Pilates classes. We will assess exactly what your needs are and plan exercises in the individual session or class that are most specific to your needs and progress.

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