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Arthritis Exercise Classes

These are classes for the more mature ladies. Focus is on light cardiovascular fitness, maintaining mobility in all joints as well as maintaining and building strength of postural and mobilising muscles. Specific joint stability is a focus as this will prevent degeneration of joints and encourage optimal movement patterns. Stretching and relaxation also form part of these classes.

Classes are suitable for ladies who have undergone hip, knee and shoulder replacements or suffer from various forms of arthritis. Classes are also suitable for ladies without the above who are serious about their general health and fitness maintenance and need a safe yet effective form of exercise.

To join a class, contact us to book an assessment with the physiotherapist. This will comprise of a medical history taking and individual session in the pool to teach exercises that are performed in classes. If on assessment, the therapist finds that the classes will not be suitable, an individual programme is worked out for the patient that can be done untiil the patient is ready to join the class.

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