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Orthopaedic Physiotherapy Treatment

Conditions : Joint stiffness, Ligament strain, sprain and tear, Bursitis, Tendinits, Fractures, Abnormal alignment, Plantar fasciitis, Muscle injuries, Joint pain, connective tissue disorders

Orthopaedic conditions in physiotherapy is any damage or abnormalities in physical components in the body (like muscles, ligaments, bones, tendon ect.) leading to pain, abnormal movement and over time will lead to postural abnormalities.

It is the job of the physiotherapist to find the primary problem and help a patient to treat and manage the condition in such a way that the cause of the problem can be normalized and the risk of re-occurance minimized. Unresolved problems can lead to secondary problems and even new injuries.

Post-operative rehabilitation is done after damage has been repaired. Joint range and function is normalised and muscle strength and motor function is brought back to as close as possible to normal with the help and guidance of a physiotherapist. Hands-on therapy techniques, land- and pool-based exercise programmes are designed, activity modification is implemented and constant re-evaluation is done to ensure the optimum function is achieved.

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