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Group Exercise Classes

There is a growing awareness among researchers and fitness professionals that working out in groups can provide additional benefits for many. The support, variety and motivation a group provides can help improve physical and mental health and create lasting exercise routines.

Some benefits of group exercise classes

  • A sense of community is created where common goals are pursued
  • Classes ad a social and fun element to working out
  • Group classes create an atmosphere of accountability
  • Trained professionals lead a group and makes sure participants receive the full workout experience, including warm-up, workout, cool-down and stretching as well as taking safety into consideration
  • A group can reduce the cost for individuals
  • Group work enhances and increases the amount of endorphins released
  • Scheduled classes enforce a consistent exercise programme
  • A variety of class formats and challenging new exercises combats boredom
  • Group workouts are easily adaptable for different fitness and experience levels
Group Aquatherapy Exercise Class

Group Aquatherapy Exercise Class

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