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Physiotherapy Services

At a patient’s initial consultation, time is spent doing subjective and objective evaluations as well as further analytical assessment. The focus is to gain as much information as necessary about the patient as a whole, their medical history, the history of the current condition and any relevant information that could guide the decision-making process to find the optimal and most suitable treatment strategy. This helps establish a possible diagnosis and prognosis to a condition. Care is taken to establish any possible precautions and contraindications to treatment.

Once a strategy is decided on and therapy objectives have been agreed upon between the patient and therapist, treatment will commence. A predominantly hands-on approach might include massaging, myofascial release, joint mobilisation, dry needling and even electrotherapy modalities. Aquatherapy is a very effective form of treatment that can be done with the therapist in the pool with the patient as a hands-on approach or where more focus is put on independent movement. Exercise and movement is an integral part of therapy which could be incorporated into treatment and management by using supervised exercises, a home exercise programme or even the performing of pool exercise. A natural progression would be from supervised pool treatment to unsupervised pool use. There is also the option of group exercise classes for long-term management of a condition and prevention of deterioration of certain conditions.

It is however important that the patient takes joint responsibility for his or her condition and actively participates in the management thereof to increase the chance of successful treatment strategy implementation.

A multi-disciplinary team approach has proven most successful in patient management and referral to different disciplines including doctors, Biokineticists, occupational therapist ect. is also considered and implemented where necessary.

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